Toyota Prius Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius Toyota Prius C Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius PHV Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius. Owner manual for the Toyota Prius. Don’t let your dealership charge you a lease-return fee for a missing or damaged owner’s manual. This is an original. I have a Prius. I have the hard-copy owner’s manual, but am wondering if I can get a PDF version anywhere. I didn’t find anything in an.

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Please access our websites for ownee information. This material may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or priuss part, without the written permission of Toyota Motor Corporation. Important information about this manual Safety and vehicle damage warnings Safety symbol Throughout this manual, you will see safety and vehicle dam- age warnings.

You must follow these warnings carefully to avoid possible injury or damage. The types of warnings, what they look like, and how they are used in this manual are explained as follows: Toyota recommends you to read the provisions in Sec- ” Engine speed tion 2- 2 carefully and refer to them as needed during ” New vehicle warranty Important health and safety information about your Toyota Your new vehicle is covered by the following Toyota limited warranties: Accessories, spare parts and Spark ignition system of your Toyota modification of your Toyota The spark ignition system in your Toyota meets all re- quirements of the Canadian Interference- Causing Equip- A wide variety of non- genuine spare parts and accesso- manal Standard.

Manula compo- nent is provided to disable the high voltage sys- tem in case of servicing at a Toyota dealer. There are some other parts that reach high temperatures while drive. Never touch battery cables wrapped in orange- colored har- nesses or their connectors since they are under high voltage and dangerous.

The Toyota authorized Repair Manual is packed with literally everything you need to know to perform your own maintenance in virtually manuual area of your new vehicle.

Instrument panel overview 1. Side defroster outlets 3. Instrument cluster and multi- information display overview 1. Service reminder indicators and indicator lights. Indicator symbols on the instrument cluster and multi- information display Anti- lock brake system warning light Brake system warning lights U.

Toyota hybrid system Toyota hybrid system operating condition Toyota hybrid system combines a gaso- Basic operations are described below. Be- line engine and electric motor power to sides, Toyota hybrid system performs vari- improve the fuel economy and minimize ous controls depending on the operating the emissions as well as to provide condition: However, the electric power maunal applied from the hybrid brakes, the turning force of the wheels electric motor, using electric power gener Starting your vehicle Your vehicle is equipped with push but- ton start system.

With smart function 1. Carry the key with you.

Air conditioning Electric motor How- start even with a jump- start to the 12 volt ever, during high speed driving you battery, contact your Toyota dealer. When multi- information display shows this message, the master warn- ing light comes on in the instru- ment cluster. Read the message and follow the instruction.

TOYOTA PRIUS Owner’s Manual

As sealed Nickel- Metal hydride batteries stop the hybrid system. As are used, be sure to consult your Toyota ” If the key is inserted into key slot, a small amount of water may be dealer when disposing of your vehicle.


Hybrid vehicle immobilizer system. Your Toyota dealer will need ence of radio waves. Radio waves lock knob in the arrow direction and take Toyota dealer using the key phone. The indicator light will go off. For your Toyota dealer to make you a new key with built- in transponder chip, 21pb 21pa your dealer will need your key number and master key. Operation is subject to the Pdius entry and start system For vehicles sold in Canada By carrying a smart key, you can lock and unlock the doors and start the hy- brid system.

This device complies with RSS- of industry Canada.

Owner’s manuals available in PDF? | PriusChat

Antenna inside cabin 2. The driver brought out the smart key from the vehicle with the hybrid One beep One beep When locking the doors, be sure to 21p When you exit the vehicle carrying the push the lock button on the outside And all the with smart function. When doors are locked, the smart entry When changing the mode, be sure and start system transmits electromagnetic a Press the lock button on the outside to push both lock and panic but- front door handle or back door while waves to the outside of the vehicle at The battery service life is about 1 to 3 years on average.

Wireless remote control— For vehicles sold in U. Push the lock switch. All the side details, contact your Toyota dealer. At this time, the turn signal lights When the unlock switch is pressed the will flash once. Replace the mechanical key and cover with slide the lock knob. After replacing the battery, check that the key operates properly. If the key still does not operate properly, contact your Toyota dealer.

Push the knob forward.

Before driving, be sure that the doors To lock: Push the switch down on the closed locked, especially front side. Push the switch down on the hicle. If the lwner door system does not operate down on it.

After closing the back door, properly after the above procedure, there try pulling it up to make sure it is secure- may be a problem in the system. To stop the window part- checked by your Toyota dealer. If both front doors are site direction and then release it. If necessary, press down gently on the and other exterior lights.

This function can be deactivated or acti- vated. After inserting the support rod into the slot, make sure the rod supports the hood securely from falling down on to your head or body.

Toyota Prius Owners Manual and Warranty – Toyota Owners

The indicator light will come on when all If any of the doors are unlocked without doors hood closed the mechanical key, wireless remote con- locked. When testing the hood, release the lock with the hood lock release lever and nanual the hood. If the system does not work properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer. If the cap is not tightened securely, the mmanual indicator lamp comes Make sure the cap is tightened securely.

The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times. If the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Make sure the cap is installed se- curely to prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident. It is designed to regulate fuel tank pressure.

Front seats— Seats —Front seat precautions While the vehicle is being driven, all ve- Driver seat ” Slightly recline the back of hicle occupants should have the seatback seat. Although vehicle designs vary, upright, sit well back in the seat and prop- CAUTION many drivers can achieve the erly wear the seat belts provided.


Then slide the seat to the desired the moving parts. Never sit on the center seat because 22p the rear center seat belt cannot be fastened correctly when the rear left seat is folded down.

When returning the seatback to the To lower: Push it down while pressing the upright position, observe the follow- lock release button. Seat belts— Armrest —Seat belt precautions Toyota strongly urges that the driver and Do not allow any children to stand up or passengers in the vehicle be properly re- kneel on either rear or front seats.

An strained at all times with the seat belts unrestrained child could suffer serious in- provided. Take care that Persons should ride in their seats they do not get caught or pinched in the seat or doors. Do not use the seat until the seat belt is fixed, because it cannot protect an adult occupant or your child from death or serious The belt should be 22pb 22pa kept away from your neck, but not falling off your shoulder.

Failure to do so could reduce the amount of protection in an accident and cause death or serious injuries in a colli- sion. If the seat belt does not function normally, immediately contact your To connect the extender to the seat Toyota dealer. Toyota The driver and front passenger can The SRS front passenger airbag will not be killed or seriously injured by the strongly recommends that all in- activate if there is no passenger sitting in The SRS front airbags are designed to deploy in severe usually frontal colli- sions where the magnitude and duration of the forward deceleration of the ve- hicle exceeds the designed threshold Hitting a curb, edge Falling into or jump- level.

Collision from of pavement or ing over a deep hole Airbag sensor assembly The front airbag sensors constantly moni- Airbag module for driver tor the forward deceleration of the vehicle. These er wears the seat belt even if not Toyota strongly recommends that: Do not perform any of the following or open any components, such as changes without consulting your the steering wheel pad, steering Toyota dealer.

Such changes can in- wheel, column cover, dashboard terfere with proper operation of the 22pa near In the following cases, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible: The SRS side shield airbag system is designed airbags help reduce injuries mainly to the only as a supplement to the prima Toyota shown in the illustration.

Airbag sensor assembly sensor assembly. The airbag sensor as- sembly consists of a safing sensor and airbag sensor. Deployment of the airbags happen in a fraction of a second, so the airbags must inflate with considerable force.

While the system is designed to reduce serious inju- ries, it may also cause minor burns or abrasions and swelling.

Special care should be taken espe- cially when you have a small child in the vehicle.