Directed by Orville O. Dull. With Hallam Cooley, Gladys McConnell, W.E. Lawrence, Arthur Housman. Get an answer for ‘Narrate the story A Lickpenny Lover. Do you think Masie was right in rejecting the proposal of Irvin??’ and find homework help for other O. Main Characters in “A Lickpenny Lover”. In the following story there are only two main characters as in was mentioned previously – a young shopgirl Masie and a .

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As he neared the vicinity of his fate he hesitated, suddenly conscious of this unknown phase of Cupid’s less worthy profession. We will forget work and business, and life will be one long holiday.

In less than eight years, he became a bestselling author of collections of short stories. On the other hand, Speaking when Masie realizes that he is just one of those talkative “cheap” guys who can promise much but do nothing, she breaks the relations with him.

When Masie ia asked by Irving to marry him, she does not take it seriously; the girl believes that his promises to take her to far – away countries only mean that everything he wants is to get married. Return to the O.

A LickPenny Lover- O.Henry

Lina rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Say, Lu, what do you think that fellow wanted me to do? If I could meet a man that got stuck on me the third time he’d seen me I think I’d get mashed on him. Aashish Singh marked it as to-read Jul 29, Masie was one of them. For the first time his arm stole gently around her.


He didnt know that her home is often either scarsely habitable tiny room or a domicile filled to overflowing with kith and kin. Plamena added it Jan 11, He is the Shylock of the stores.

Lickpemny the story a “lickpenny lover” about? Many stories have been made into films. Drowing a conclusion I would like to mension that Im greatly impressed by the story ” A Lickpenny Lover”.

And then Irving Carter, painter, millionaire, etc. Carter felt the change and crowded the opportunity. Of course, sometimes it is not so easy to understand the content and hidden hints within the setting of the events in the story. Without hesitation she looked him frankly and smilingly in the eyes, and said:. All the characters are described both directly and indirecty through their own lickenny and actions, and the speech of other people or narrator express his attitude by himself.

There, were 3, girls in the Biggest Store. His mind struggled to recall the nature and habits of shopgirls as be had read or heard of them. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Lyra Goga added it Jul 20, His manner of behaving and intensions to be acquainted with Masie the author underlines using aposiopesis and anaphora: Henry Home Page, or. William Sydney Porter lends the pen name “O. You’ve had a swelled bead ever since that hose-cart driver took you out to a chop suey joint. lickpennu

A Lickpenny Lover

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kassie added it Oct 30, The street-corner is her parlor, the park is her drawing-room; the avenue is her garden lickpehny yet for the most part she is as inviolate mistress of herself in them as is my lady inside her tapestried chamber.


So simple and lucid. She lives in a small flat with her family and has no idea what a different world Carter inhabits. One day Irving Carter, painter, millionaire, trav- eller, poet, automobilist, happened to enter the Biggest Store. Some faint glimmer of life and its possibilities on the other side of her glove counter dawned upon her.

A Lickpenny Lover

So there is no wonder that the author expresses great delight towards Masie and put emphasis exclusively on her positive features of character. For Masie was beautiful. But his action hardly calls for apology, because he had never heard of glove-counter flirtations. Tremblingly, awfully, her moth wings closed, and she seemed about to settle upon the flower of love. No, be never mentioned the Waldorf; but there’s a Fifth Avenue address on his card, and if he buys the supper you can bet your life there won’t be no pigtail on the waiter what takes the order.

A Lickpenny Lover by O. Henry

His wife and firstborn died, but daughter Margaret survived him. I don’t usually go out with strange gentlemen, though. Aron Yeo marked it as to-read Nov 03, They found a bench, tree- shadowed and secluded, and sat there. Read it here online: At the same time, he wants to arose feeling of admiration in the readers of the story: