This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was seized and occupied by the Imperial Powers of Europe. Colonialism Appraised – African Perspectives on Colonialism. By A. Adu Boahen. Baltimore and London:Johns Hopkins Press, Pp. viii + £ African Perspectives on Colonialism. A. Adu Boahen. This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was.

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This history deals with the twenty-year period between andwhen virtually all of Africa was seized and occupied by the Imperial Powers of Europe. Catherine rated it liked it Jun 10, Jeff Schauer rated it liked it Apr 01, In order for the colonial system to support the need for raw materials and markets for the sale of manufactured goodsa set of prerequisites such as primary means of production being met, health structures, infrastructure, and education of Africans necessary for employing them needed to be satisfied but were met by establishing administrations that did this by means of exploiting Africa and Africans.

Christianity, which had hitherto been confined to coastal regions, spread inland and the establishment of missionary societies resulted in stratification into a small group of converted African educated elites and a vastly larger group of traditional and illiterate Africans. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Along with these economic conditions, Boahen asserts that the rise in nationalism amongst the newly developed countries of Europe, as well as the need to establish colonies to accommodate the surplus labour and unemployed workforce resulting from industrial capitalism, which ultimately led to colonialism Boahen, Hasenfus ccolonialism it really liked it Jul 18, Sabrine Bilger rated it it was perspectjves Jan 15, Sign In or Create an Account.

He considers the resulting peace and order that followed the periods of immense violence which came with the imposition as a positive Boahen, African Perspectives on Colonialism. In conclusion, all things considered, this book is an adequate synthesis of vast academic literature on colonialism and it highlights the importance of perspective in historical accounts in literature. He does not fully overcome the challenge of asserting an African perspective without drawing from a neo-Leninist or Hobsonian economic perspective of colonialism Le Vine, Click here to sign up.

Mel rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Moreover, this book is important because it offers an Perspecties perspective on the colonial experience in Africa, which is avrican disregarded or absent in the academic body of work dealing with the ccolonialism.


Boahen uses the arrican to look at the events of the Scramble which he separates into three stages, and the strategies employed by Africans to maintain their independent power which he also divides into three categories. He argues that the abolishment of slavery posed a new threat for the African economy.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Jun 17, Lora rated it really liked it.

African Perspectives on Colonialism

The greatest merit of this book, aside from the acknowledgement of the lack of African scholarly work on colonialism, is Boahen detailed and rigourous argument and thesis; which adequately shows that the negative consequences far outweigh the positive consequence that were mostly accidental and unintended by the colonial powers. He discusses the economic and social consequences of the linking of these trade systems and claims that the following changes were due mostly in part to this linking: Hanna rated it it was ok Feb 22, He then spent three years at the Mfantsipim School before enrolling in history aduu at the University College of the Gold Coast in Legon.

Most users should sign in with their email address. Initiatives and Responses Boahen opens this chapter with an argument against the prominent view that Europe colonised Africa for exclusively economic or political reasons.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. So Boahen does not help in differentiating the prrspectives difference between a Eurocentric and Afrocentric perspective of colonialism.

Log In Sign Up. Be that as it may, Boahen agrees that the most significant and decisive factor colohialism leading to the Scramble was economic. To attain these goals, they utilized literary media, petitions, and sometimes strikes colonialims boycotts. Boahen then analyses the African initiatives and responses by examining various case studies characterising the responses into three categories: Return to Book Page.

Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? The exaggerated nationalism manifested itself in an interest to display greatness through possessing colonies. And it is for this failure that the colonial era will go down in history as a period of wasted opportunities, of ruthless exploitation of the resources of Africa, and on balance of the underdevelopment and humiliation of oj peoples of Africa. A fantastic read with a perspective that few trouble themselves to take, despite the easy fluency of postcolonial theory.

African Perspectives on Colonialism – A. Adu Boahen – Google Books

These changes led to further spreading of Christianity which had previously been limited to coastal regions and the major trade routes. Boahen also successfully challenges the predominant perspectives on colonialism, its impact and the literature on the colonial experience. Land in Africa raised in value, Africans were enabled to acquire wealth, and African economy became integrated into the world economy. I appreciate the sarcasm the well justified sarcasm Boahen uses when he speaks pers;ectives the legacies of colonialism in Africa here, especially with regards to the professional armies.


African Perspectives on Colonialism is a publication of the edited lectures Boahen presented as part of the James S. Some of the social benefits of colonial impact Boahen identifies are population growth, urbanization, and the spread of Christianity, Islam and Western education. Paperbackpages. Critical Review Boahen is quite successful at reaching what he sets out to do in his thesis. The Operation of the Colonial System Since colonialism was largely motivated by economic-driven exploitation of raw materials to catalyse the expansion of capitalism and the European industrialism; most of the colonies were forced to grow one or two cash crops which resulted in neglecting food production and import-substitution Boahen, Kabwegyere, which cannot be fully covered africaan the scope of the book, coloniaism work is necessarily cryptic Harris, This campaign caused an intellectual revolution that took form in Pan-Africanism and the ideology of African personality.

Boahfn the separate stages of the Scramble, the first was the finalizing of treaties between African rulers africcan European imperial powers under which the African rulers were given protection and agreed not to enter treaties with other European powers while the European powers gained exclusive rights to trading and other things.

Trivia About African Perspecti But this does not say much about what Boahen considers to be integral in an Afro- centric perspective, even though it expresses who Boahen considers valid in this regard Le Vine, It afrrican a pleasure to read well-organized and persppectives chapters with such important information.

William rated it it was ok Jun 18, Thus his perspective heavily undermined by the dominant academic body of work that grounds his synthesis.