The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits. This appears to come out of the manual. At least its identical to. i have just ordered an Align 3gx flybarless control unit but i can’t find any instructions online anywhere as i like to usually download and print. I have put together the written info on the Align 3GX v I found so far. Mostly for my own memory. I shrunk this info to a Pocket Guide that I will printout (or read.

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Tail pitch adjustment First check how the rudder responds to Tx. Aileron and elevator rates can be adjusted in 3GX panel or cyclic pitch rate adjustment under flight mode settings.

This is clearly noticeable in stable hover as well as highly aerobatic routines. Flybarless portion of the setup If ava ilable, ensure the following functions are disabled in the transmitter: Wait for some sort of jingle or series of flashing lights then release bind button Does that sound right?

If im not mistaken I believe Futaba does not make satellites for there receivers or one that is compatible with the 3gx. I have 2 sats, so would I just: Press the SET button to enter A. This is how to do the setup through the 3GX unit.


Confirm the transmitter is powered up, and throttle stick is at lowest position. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. If the helicopter hovering tend one side, it means the swashplate doesn’t keep horizontal when setting. Options Quote message in reply?

Flybarless System – Align

With the APS gyro, the helicopter will have the ability to self stabilize, hold position as well as altitude, and even autonomous way point flights as well as return home. REV begin to flash in sequence.

The manual is 3g in the build instructions for the various Align kits. Value should be tuned under actual flight conditions by increasing to the maximum gain without tail hunting.

Align 3gx pdf manual

Flight mode settings through 3GX V2 unit. What software, this software. Tilt the helicopter right as shown in diagramand check if swashplate is tilting correctly toward the left.

My HK 3GX setup. The good news is if its a Futaba S-bus receiver then it is capable of using s-bus manuql one wire to control the lot.

Are there pages missing? Pay extra attention to these setup steps. User need to confirm if 3GX is mounted right side up or upside down.

LIM setup While keeping swashplate level and main pitch at zero degrees, press the SET button to register the neutral point and enter E. I haven’t been aliyn to find the bind procedure, can anyone help me out?? Push the transmitter rudder stick left or right to select the 3gd rate.


Suitable for helicopter of all class from toglow engine or electric powered. For the rest of the setup: Please double check this.

In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Set the right aileron and front elevator to 8 degrees.

3GX Flybarless System – Download – Align

Originally Posted by bad Subsequent setup mode is entered by a single press of the SET button. Lift up the helicopter by hand, and turn it to the left yaw. Hem 3GX v 2. The control unit will determine the maximum aileron endpoints. Are you sure you don’t remove the bind plug after powering down? To achieve consistent gyro gain on left and right, 3GX has built laign anti-torque compensation function.