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I suggested to let the woman’s face show a little through her hair to avoid that area being unreadable and too dark. Seeing one of my pieces featured in an article published in Tattoo Artist Taruatori blog one of the best tattoo magazines worldwide is annuarip satisfying: So, gritting his teeth and taking some breaks, we spent the following 4 hours doing the outlines.

Tattoo News Tattooing A to Z: In my opinion he would have had a fake Japanese, hence the title of the work. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. After almost two years, today I finally got to spend three hours on the wheel and on the windshield of this Buick Riviera, part of a full back piece that includes italani cover-ups.

After careful deliberation the customer decided that it was worth it. In December he asked me to tattoo his other arm taking up the same space of the first one. Fortitude, Temperance, Justice and Prudence. Coming from the analog world I still find it hard to elaborate complex projects completely digitally, although today my use of the tablet is becoming more and more intense.

Integrating new subjects in a finished piece is not always as simple as it seems. However, I’m hoping to go back to working on this piece with the necessary regularity in order to finish it within this year: A good result all the same, at this pace we may be able to finish it ahead of schedule. P In sitting dedicated to the watches and some finishing touches on the Hatter, we tried to keep chatter to a minimum, but we succeeded much better during the next sitting during which I intended to finish all the vegetation, without succeeding.

Moreover, too often tattoos are not considered a figurative art but a means of expression different from any other and confined to certain styles, which are often and unfortunately very limited compared to what this art form has to offer.


Tattooing A to Z #16: Gian Maurizio Fercioni

Nothing so dramatic as to jeopardize the work, only minor issues, but when they annuarlo place one after the other they make it hard for any project to take off. P This work is definitely one of my personal favourites. For your skin demand an Art Piece! Suggestion that he accepted immediately.

We had initially tatuahori to do the work in a single sitting, but ittaliani that we were going to do a full back piece that was impossible of course, not to mention that we had already spent plenty of time discussing the work and reworking the initial design. This guy from Switzerland wanted to cover a biomechanical, done 20 years earlier, that went from the chest half way down his arm. After evaluating some ideas regarding the position of the owl she left me carte blanche. P In short, he wanted to represent four virtues: I still had no idea that they would become part of a single piece.

As much as I liked the idea, Utaliani found that the space made available was too little and made it appear a fatuatori poor and messy.

How did you learn about me? At the beginning of he decided to extend the work to the wrist. He sent me a PowerPoint presentation with a detailed description together with a number of images of classical paintings and sculptures to use as inspiration. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

This client has proven to be more mature than many adults. Unfortunately the customer was only available on that particular day it was a public holiday or on Sunday, which was impossible since I was going to leave town that day. Simone Tatuaori was born inthe year NYC punk rock broke out. Italian Tattoo Artists Yearbook If the second session seemed challenging the third one put us both to the test. In my opinion, hell is something scary and much less obvious than a little man in red tights with a goatee and horns.

The creation of my paintings is so personal and analogic that I rarely remember to share my work online. At this point in their creative path it becomes normal to turn down uninspiring requests that would steal time and energy from their artistic growth.

Jerry Magni – Page 5 – Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist

This tattoo was supposed to be just a cover-up initially. What’s more, during the drawing process I got so carried away that I overlooked the fact that the Mad Hatter’s head was turned towards the back of the calf.


At this point all there was left to do was to start tattooing. This trend may have something to do with the perception of our private sphere. Il resto lasciamocelo illustrare dal diretto interessato.

Consequently on beaches, the ideal place to observe the anatomy of our fellow human beings, we see bodies covered in writings and tattoos of every kind, often of questionable quality, placed in bulk, without art, without originality, just like the diary of a teenager.

But even after I promised myself that the work was finished I kept seeing things that could be improved and I spent days reopening the files even for a couple of minutes, to add or fix details here and there. The end result was a series of gashes that actually looked like two similar but distinct tattoos, one on the arm and one on the inner forearm. Anyhow, the work turned out to be a success and he is happy with the end result which required 10 additional sessions for an average of approx.

A paradigm that fulfills their desire to feel part of a group, to comply showing their brand, their membership. In my opinion the images he suggested were too classical, I would even say old, so I suggested we take inspiration from the work of Alfons Mucha.

The tattoo artists involved take part italiqni the Yearbook so they can set up a virtual shop window to display the best they have to offer year after year. Pepe has been tattooing sinceopening his first studio in Viareggio inand has gone on ita,iani establish the new “Elctric Tattooing Viareggio” in I liked my first drawing right from the twtuatori but the following day it didn’t satisfy me completely, so I went back to work and modified one wing, then the other, then the head; I basically redesigned it and changed colours at least three or four times before finally finding the ideal setting and the right lights.