It is a wonder that Avery or its community of users haven’t created Illustrator compatible versions of their templates. After much trial and error. Shop blank inch circle labels on sheets (30 labels per sheet, up circle labels). + Free label templates and free access to Maestro Label Designer. They won’t print evenly on the circles template on the Avery sheets. They are usable, but I have to take a marker to all of them to cover where it does not line.

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Avery Round Label Template > Kyle Haskins

Canoe Float Trip Lesson. Caring for the Kaw. Total coliform and E. Google Earth Runoff Map.

Wyandotte Co on the River. Water Pollution in KCK.

How do I find a template for round stickers Avery 8293?

Air Pollution in KCK. Life Expectancy and Disease. Johnson Co on the River. Make a field guide. Make a Frog Park. Piper High College Biology. Bird Behavior and Ecology. Our Scientists and Educators.

Funding for River Science. In this section we provide lesson plans, resources, and opportunities for High School teachers in the Kansas River Watershed. Lesson plans, supplemental materials and example pretests are given for each unit on individual web pages, or can be viewed and downloaded from the file cabinet below. You can also access the Citizen Science Worksheets on our main website by clicking here. The Friends of the Kaw main website contains many materials that can be used to supplement our curriculum.


We also provide materials for Middle School teachers on our Teens 4 the Kaw websiteand for Elementary School teachers on our Kids 4 the Kaw website.

Teacher Resources In this section we provide lesson plans, resources, and opportunities for High School teachers in the Kansas River Watershed. Field notebook for Stream Habitat Challenge View.

This is a geocache challenge that can be done at a stream or lake. See our lessons at http: Field notebook for water quality challenge View. This is a one hour long version focused on water quality, with nitrogen testing included.

Water testing instructions and field sheets. Print out on 4×6 cards. Includes nutrients, pH, turbidity, and color-odor-foam lesson. This notebook includes sections for the “algae in the bottle” and lawn runoff experiments featured in our “What’s in the Water?

Stickers that can be printed out on round labels Avery or 3M M. These stickers can be used to reward students during lessons– print them out on Avery or 3M M. Our stormwater runoff logo set up as a coloring sheet for younger students.

Template for creating round stickers using 3M M or Avery labels or equivalent 1. Do Something Awards View. Grants, awards and resources for activism by High School students. De Soto High School watershed map View. Google Map of Kill Creek and Cedar Creek, with locations of land use activities affecting water quality.


Water Quality Slideshow View. The slides are in Google Docs Presentations and can be used by teachers and educators to give an overview of water quality issues in the Kansas River Watershed.

Carbon Footprint Calculator View. The Nature Conservancy provides a simple set of questions that are used for their online carbon footprint calculator it gives you your score relative to US and World average. Molecules in Motion View. Visualization of the relationship between temperature, size, density and pressure. Visualization of molecules View.

2893 This is a tool for visualizing the structure of common greenhouse gas molecules. Water Footprint Calculator View. Online questions that are used to calculate your “water footprint” as a tool for making students aware of their water usage.

Hach Company website View. This company makes commonly used instruments and test kits for water quality analysis. LaMotte Company website View. Company website features commonly used High School and College chemistry sensors, including instruction books and lesson plans. Resources for exploring the impact of climate change on the environment. NASA visualization library View. Animations that can be downloaded to show changing temperature regimes.