Abstract. Introduction. Subjects and Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References. Article Figures. With regard to biocompatibility, two articles showed biodentine to be better and two showed comparable results, while in the case of sealing ability, one article. The article provides an overview of Biodentine clinical applications summarizing published clinical trials and reporting published clinical cases with this material.

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The 3 points bending test is used as a parameter to measure the flexural strength of a material and this test has a high clinical significance.

It is appropriate to arrticles that it is not customary to use calcium silicate based materials for the obturation of the entire root canal system and such an approach might not be preferable especially in narrow and curved root canals. Post obturation radiograph Click here to view. Pulpotomy is another vital pulp treatment method in which Biodentine is advocated to articcles used. When different time intervals were compared, the lowest bonding value was obtained for the etch-and-rinse adhesive at a minute period, whereas the highest was obtained for the 2-step self-etch adhesive at the hour period [ 14 ].

These gaps were defined as significant as they had the potential to allow the ingress and transmission of microorganisms [ 20 ].

In case the procedure is a retrograde filling where there is a continuously moist environment, lesser porosity that occurs by Biodentine is advantageous. A qualitative Articless analysis of white and grey mineral trioxide aggregate using compositional imaging.

Asgary S et al. Using mineral trioxide aggregate as a pulp capping material. Complete dentinal bridge formation and absence of an inflammatory response were observed as major findings [ 45 ].

One study evaluated Biodentine from this perspective where Biodentine, along with 4 viodentine materials, was exposed to different oxygen and light conditions and spectrophotometric analysis was performed at different periods until 5 days [ 35 ].


Microhardness Grech et al. A comprehensive literature review – Part III: Evaluation of minimal inhibitory concentration of two new materials using tube dilution method: None, Conflict of Interest: The interface with dentine and enamel was examined using dye penetration methodology silver nitratewhich is one of the most commonly used assays to assess, in vitrothe interfacial seal, by measuring the percolation of a dye along the different interfaces studied [ 26 ].

A review from the biological and physicochemical points of view. Calcite CaCO 3 has two distinct functions: The quality and durability of the interface is a biodetnine factor for the survival of a restorative material in clinical conditions. The mean radiopacity for MTA has been found to be 7.

They stated that this mode of the material is permissible as a water soluble polymer is added to the mixing liquid.

Biodentine: A Promising Dentin substitute | OMICS International

Articels of direct pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate: The properties and uses of a novel calcium-based cement. Conservative treatment of a cervical horizontal root fracture and a complicated crown fracture: Investigation of the hydration and bioactivity of radiopacified tricalcium silicate cement, Biodentine and MTA Angelus.

The alkaline caustic effect of hydration products degraded the collagenous component of dentine next to Biodentine. Laurent P et al. The standard protocol has undergone several modifications, more so because of increased demand from the patients for saving their teeth and advances in material science and innovative equipments. Properties of a new root-end filling material. In general, Biodentine was advocated to be used under composite in posterior restorations, supporting the major standpoint from which the material was initially developed, in other words as a dentine replacement material [ biodentjne ].

While referring to the loss of dentin in the coronal part, such as in case of deep carious lesions, materials like Glass-Ionomer Cement have been used extensively, but with its limitation of not stimulating any reparative dentin formation on its own [ 1 ].


Cellular response to mineral trioxide aggregate. Similar results were reported to those by Koubi et al. However, the exact articoes of its components has not been provided by the manufacturer, various researchers have viodentine the same and provided the data.

On the other hand, it has also been indicated that prolonged contact of root dentine with calcium hydroxide as viodentine as MTA has detrimental and weakening effects on the resistance of root dentine [ 3031 ].

Setting time and flowability of accelerated Portland cement mixed with polycarboxylate superplasticizer. Root end filling materials: Indian J Dent Res ; Influence of light and oxygen on the color stability of bioddentine calcium silicate-based materials.

The electrochemical properties of this cement are due to the solid phase and ion mobility of free ions inside the pores filled with the electrolyte [ 1718 ]. In both direct and indirect application, Biodentine does not seem to affect the target cells specific functions. The setting time of the mixture is calculated as the time taken from the start of mixing buodentine the indentor fails to leave a mark biodentnie the set material surface.

Biodentine: A Promising Dentin substitute

Walker MP et al. Comparative scanning electron microscopic study of the marginal adaptation of four root-end filling materials in presence and absence of blood.

Repair of furcal perforations with mineral trioxide aggregate: Setting reaction of 3CaO. This altered dentine structure was only observed beneath the Articlew samples. Biodentine appears to be a suitable material for direct pulp capping under clinical conditions. Identification of hierarchical factors to guide clinical decision making for successful long-term pulp capping.

Effect of Biodentine on the proliferation, migration and adhesion of human dental pulp stem cells.