Introduction This book is intended for intermediate and advanced learners of English who are preparing for examinations in English, such as English proficiency. TURKISH- ENGLISH TRANSLATION CEVAP ANAHTARI. .. her bir konuyu çalıştıktan sonra konuları CESUR ÖZTÜRK ‘BUILDING SKILLS’ adlı kitaptan ya. UNIT ONE CEVAP ANAHTARI İNGİLİZCE SIX (İNGİLİZCE 6) 1. Builders use plastic in the construction of some small boats, because it is easy to shape. 2.

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Tom is very happy. He is going to a scout camp. His mother is cooking in the kitchen now. The scouts will stay in tents during the camp. There will be scouts at the camp. Tom is going to Antalya for a scout camp. Because He is going to a scout camp for two weeks. No, it isn t. It is in the south of Turkey. The camp will be in the foest by the sea. He will fly on Monday. He will buy a sleeping bag, a pair of waterproof shoes and a big sports bag.

He will be lying on the beach, he will be swimming in skills sea and he will be having lots of adventure in the forest. It is an international camp. She has been living buulding this city since The taxi has been waiting for you since one o clock. Ali has been proficlency in Germany since Emre has been playing football for two hours.

I have been learning English for two years. We have been watching the film for more than two hours. They have been living without electricity for years in crvap parts of Africa. The water has been running for two minutes, can you turn off the tap. I have been anatar in the garden since morning. She has been waiting in the queue for more than an hour.


I have been working at the same company for ten years. It has been raining all day. The baby has been sleeping since five o clock. This time next weekend I will be having a holiday in a luxury hotel near the sea. Next week we will ahahtar studying chapter 5 in literature lesson. Will you be using your computer this afternoon? The film about The Otoman Empire will be playing at the city theatre next week. The symphony orchestra will be playing the Turkish March tonight.

I can t answer your calls tomorrow morning. I will be having an important meeting.

I am sorry but I won t be attending the next meeting. We will be riding our bicycles at the weekend. We will be having a picnic on Sunday with our friends. I will be waiting for you in the afternoon. I will be riding a white horse. We will be having dinner at a restaurant. They will be shopping all afternoon. Prpficiency will be studying lesson.

The children will be paying in the garden. We will be flying over the Alps for an hour. I will be waiting for you. I will be running all afternoon. My father will be working at the weekend. I won t be using my car tomorrow. Mike, Can you clean the blackboard? Could you explain the exercise.

Building Skills for Proficiency

I couldn t understand. Ali, can you tell me what you are doing? I am trying to study mum. Can you clean the window? Patient to the doctor: Cihan has got a lot of hobbies and interests. He never gets up early.

He has got a long breakfast at the weekend with his family. Cihan has got a lot of porficiency. Has Cihan a lot of hobbies and interests? Does he have time to watch television during the week? No, he doesn t. He doesn t have time to watch the news during the week time, 3. Where does he go in summers? In summers he go es swimming. Does he like swimmig in the pool?


Building Skills For Proficiency Cevap Anahtar Pdf

No he doesn t. He likes swimming in the sea. Does Cihan ride a horse? When does he go horseback riding? He usually goes horseback riding on Sundays.

Does he have a lot of friends? He has a lot of friends. Does he love playing the guitar very much? When does he go to the gym? He goes to the gym when the weather is cold and rainy. Does Cihan like his friends very much.

We will go on holiday next Friday. He never needs help. My parents go walking. My parents go walking in the mornings.

We go to the theatre twice a month We go to the theatre twice a month. I visit my uncle. I go to the opera. I ll love my country. Mr Anderson visits his relatives. I brush my teeth. I brush my teekh twice a day We eat out at a restaurant. The children buildnig playing upstairs.

The bin is outside the garden. She does her work carefully. He finished homework quickly. The new teacher speaks excelently. I solved the problem easily. I passed the class easily. The film was so boring that I didn t watch it.

They played so good that they won. Bernard is a lazy person. Tom wants Bernard to buy newspapers. Bernard wakes up late. Bernard doesn t have a curriculum vitae.