cardwell-style-rsi — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost!. The “Cardwell RSI Positive/Negative Reversal Patterns” not only identify trend changes, but also help set future price objectives in the direction. In my research I came across Andrew Cardwell who was said in a few places to be the person who really refined RSI analysis to get the most.

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You get a feel for charts when you plot the RSI value each day.

I’ve taught students in my courses that I teach, golf is like trading. If a trade is very strong, something that I can see lasting a lot longer, I look at time cycles also—four weeks, six and a half, nine weeks. As the market trends higher or lower I will adjust the normal range of RSI to account for the shift in market momentum and bullish or bearish sentiment on the part of the traders.

Makes sense especially in trading. Here the stock price is expected to move sideways and the trader can witness a lot of whipsaws. We were raising capital for the fund manager that traded through us who had an excellent track record. However, in strongly trending markets, multiple divergences can and do develop, which only lead to corrections of the overbought oversold condition of the market. You have a club in your hand, you swing the club, the ball gets in the way, and you’re not hitting the ball.

How to effectively trade using RSI- the Andrew Cardwell way?

I apply moving averages to the RSI to take out some of the volatility and say is this shorter term, in this case, the 9 above the 45 on RSI and I also use a 9 and 45 day moving average on close to identify first the trend.


You have to have a trading plan. But you get a feel based on experience, based on trial and error over the years like I did to establish rules and patterns and everything. I should see when a market is ready to turn. Some have even said it would be hard to put a price on the value of what they learned. I contacted him to see if I could learn more about how to use the RSI.

RSI Courses

I’m glad we caddwell the time. Well, great, well, listeners, you’ll be able to sign up for Andrew’s workshop that New York Traders Expo. Lastly, the above chart indicates rso bearish range where the RSI tends to oscillate between range and it suggests the strong down move is very likely in the coming days.

It’s a trend following, trend identification approach with oscillators knowing when it’s overextended taking profits. Check it out at moneyshow.

But I think the dollar is going to be strong for a while and gain on both the euro and the yen. In my research I came across Andrew Cardwell who was said in a few places to be the person who really refined RSI analysis to get the most out of it.

Welles defined—when he developed the RSI—it was a period.

Some people get confused. While I was making sales calls and he’s discussing his performance I just got interested in technical work. RSI kind of solves it for you.

So when it got there, again, it got overextended. It is a leading indicator and is widely used by Technical Analyst over the globe. Based on the above discussed Relative Strength Index or RSI range parameters, one can easily trade the underlying asset.

You’re actually swinging the club but you just learn how to swing the club. When it went into a downtrend I found the RSI tended to top out just below the 60 level. The bullish range is defined with the help of blue box where RSI tends to oscillate between the range ofwhere 80 is an overbought condition and 40 being the oversold condition.


When price goes to a new low, the RSI makes a higher low, basic divergences. The fact that this adjustment needs to be made in the range of RSI is one of the first indications that the market is undergoing a trend change. Andrew, give us your Web site as well if people want to find out more about how you use RSI.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Oh, the way I use it and the way I’ve taught my students and my clients to use it, it’s for trend analysis, identifying trend change and setting price objectives in the future in a new trend because if it gets overextended, you’re going to have correction. However, this blog is not affiliated with BLFG and does not make recommendations to buy sell or hold any securities.

Yeah, I kept it real simple, cardwellrsiedge. Major league baseball players win batting titles batting Well, they’re all my favorites. We’ll see you up in New York City.

Cardwell-style-rsi — Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas — TradingView

We were long from under all the way up. Next green box in the chart indicates super bullish range under which RSI tends to oscillate between the range of So we had a sharp selloff right after the election that took us down in the mid-November. Please email me any questions as the series progresses and I will hold them until it is time to choose those that will make the cut.

When you think, “I can’t take anymore,” that’s usually when the market made a bottom and turned up.