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In a speech marking the 50th anniversary of the occupation, the Slovak president stressed the importance of teaching young people about the events that changed our history. Fifty years ago, millions of Czechoslovak citizens were shocked, President Andrej Kiska said in his televised speech on public broadcaster RTVS, marking the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by armies of the Warsaw Pact that took place on August 21, He continued to say, as quoted by the Sme daily, that radio reporters djjagnostika unprecedented news: In the streets of villages and cities, tanks rumbled while people stood directly in front of them.

In many places, shots could be heard. It all looked like an inconceivable, terrible film. Unfortunately, it did happen.

Dijagnostika karme: Sustav samoregulacije biopolja – Sergej Nikolaevič Lazarev – Google Books

Out homeland was overwhelmed by half a million soldiers, more than 6, tanks, aircraft and 2, pieces of artillery. Soviet divisions attacked us overnight from the east, west, north and south, joined by Polish, Hungarian and Bulgarian troops. And units of the East German army stood at the borders as a reserve, the president stressed.

He added that the greatest occupation in the history of the Warsaw Pact proved successful, with the whole republic occupied by sunrise. No counter-revolutionaries were found but the country where, until then, hope for a freer life spread, dozens of innocent victims were killed.

Advanced Education

After the Moscow Protocol was signed, the horror movie changed into the harsh reality of so-called normalisation. Freedom of press, speech and faith started to be oppressed.


At workplaces, humiliating kar,e and audits were launched, tens of thousands of employees were bullied, laid off, their dijagnoxtika were not allowed to study. Many skilled and well-educated people emigrated. The power was taken over by unscrupulous individuals leaning on Soviet bayonets.

They left behind a devastated country, destroyed flats, but most of all thwarted hope for change instressed Kiska.

It is the duty of contemporary democratic politicians to defend our freedom and our right to make decisions about our future without concerns that the said decisions will be trampled by brutal force. Thus, we need allies subscribing to the same values and respect for freedom, human rights and democracy, stated Kiska, adding that we have such allies in the EU and NATO, the two foundation stones of our prosperity and security.

The president asked for one request of his to be heard:. Thus, he has plead to parents, teachers, relatives and people who lived through the events to find some time and share their memories and experiences with young people. To ensure they understand those times of hope, but also moments of betrayal, desperation and humiliation. Lastly, it’s important they commemorate the victims of the occupation and the fundamental change brought by November Aug at Thank you for singing up. Shortly an email will be sent to the address you provided to verify your e-mail.

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Most Slovaks see the past year as normal. A dijagnoatika of anniversaries turned into a year of changes, protests and surprises. Fico borrowed the ready-made narrative. Log in Enter your email or phone number: For our websites to work correctly, it is necessary to have Javascript turned on. We use Cookies to improve our services.


You can get more detailed info on their use and settings here. We have noticed that you have an ad blocking tool switched on. Revenues from Ads help our site to bring you more information about Slovakia. If you visit our website regularly, dijagnostjka can support us by adding us on the list of unblocked websites whitelist. It is the duty of democratic dijzgnostika to defend our freedom. President Andrej Kiska Source: Get daily Slovak news directly to your inbox Thank you for singing up. Please try to register again later, your e-mail was not registered.

Your email is not in a correct format. Share on Facebook 12 Comments disabled. How to learn more than 50 foreign languages? It started with the murder of journalist. How did Slovakia change in ? Top stories of 4. Slovak flying car will be available for purchase in Video 5. Apartments report two-digit increase in prices in 6. Jaguar Land Rover does not hide its ambitious electric plans 8.

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