The Rolls-Royce & # 34 among espresso machines! {Quote: The Gourmet, Germany’s most famous gourmet magazine} The jury of the prestigious magazine has. SKU: ECMMECHANIKAIV. Ecm Mechanika Iv Espresso Machine Base. Tap to expand. $50 Latte Rewards Bonus. 2 Reviews. Ask a question. Watch 3 Videos. ECM Mechanika spare parts. Capillary tube pump pressure gauge ECM P · 3,95 € · Product Details Inox lever P · 5,90 € · Product Details.

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The build quality is mechanikaa with high quality industry standard components. It has a mirror finish stainless steel exterior case and a black painted internal steel frame.

The quality is noticeable when lifting the machine as the Mechanika is a heavy machine at approximately 23Kg. The Mechanika can make the same high quality drinkswithout the hassle. This type of heat Exchanger HX machine internally, is slightly more complex than cheaper mechanoka HX machines, but much simpler to operate.

There are fewer controls and no need to do anything special apart from filling the water tank occasionally to draw steam, hot water or espresso at any time.

Mechanika V Slim – ECM Manufacture GmbH

The Mechanika automatically maintains the water level in the boiler as required and if run low on water in the tank the Mechanika switches off the heating element and pump as a safety precaution, but has no n low water alarm. The machine is attractive and fits comfortably under standard height kitchen cabinets.

The Mechanika compares favourably with other similar prosumer machines that have a heritage and reputation for looking good. Some coffee enthusiasts buy second hand commercial machines that are very large and heavy, plumbed into the mains and with kw heating elements in 5 litre or larger boilers to The details were correct at the time of writing, but the manufacturer and Bella Barista reserve the right to change the technical specification of the packaging, machines and any accessories supplied with the machine including quantity and type of accessories supplied ECM Mechanika closer look v1.

The Mechanika has been described as the Rolls Royce of espresso machines with a price that reflects this. This review as usual will judge the machine not only on function, but on what would be expected for the price It is a great machine both for the customer to use and the reseller to support and should provide years of reliable service with the minimum of maintenance. Once in position on the counter the machine looks nice and does not dominate on a standard sized work surface.

The height of the machine is very convenient and gives plenty of room under standard height kitchen cupboards. It has a nice large cup warming tray.

Mechanika V Slim – Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump

Placing the Mechanika in a corner is ideal, especially when located near the sink. The Mechanika comes well packed, in a tough box and with comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of operation, routine maintenance and production of espresso based drinks.

A valuable addition to the Italian manufacturer s written User guide that comes free with the Mechanika. Very well packed inner box, protected by double packing in an air-cell filled meechanika by Bella Barista Unusually the manufacturers user guide is actually quite good, although all the procedures may not have been tried by the manufacturer, as one didn t work as described on my machine!

Even if you are completely new to coffee making and this type of machine, you cem have no problem making all those great coffee drinks in a very short time The Mechanika is easy to keep ecmm, a mechanjka wipe with a damp cloth and a buff with a micro fibre cloth is all that s required to keep it looking great.

The more complex tasks such as backflushing and descaling are easy to do and the supplied Bella Barista user guide explains how to do them in detail. The Mechanika, positioned in the corner of my kitchen.

The temperature of this water is above boiling point and has an area of steam above similar to a pressure cooker. Steam The pipe for the steam wand is at the top of the boiler in the steam area as the wcm tap is opened, steam is forced through the steam pipe and as the mechaniak drops more of the water instantly flashes to steam, giving a continuous supply.

Hot Water The pipe for the hot water tap is submerged below the waterline in the boiler. As the hot water tap is opened, steam pressure forces the hot water from the boiler through the pipe and out of the hot water outlet.

Coffee Brew Water Coffee brew water for the group does not actually come from the water in the boiler, but is pumped directly from the tank through a heat exchanger essentially, a big copper tube that passes through the hot boiler. As the cold water from the water tank passes through this tube it is heated to iik correct temperature for brewing coffee.


Lifting the lever starts the pumping of brew water, lowering the lever stops the pump and additionally releases the pressure all psi of it from the group, so you can remove the filter handle safely, the excess water goes into the drip tray when pressure is mefhanika. Internal build quality is good, with great attention to detail.

Components are well positioned, neatly assembled; all cables are well away from evm spots and comprehensively tied to avoid movement.

Mechanika IV Profi – Heat Exchanger System with Rotary Pump

The powerhouse of the machine accessible from the top, with the removal of only 4 screws The mecuanika pump tucked under iii boiler Brew water path, with de-aerator, solenoid valve and Mecyanika assembly, all easy to reach Removal of the outer case, gives easy access to all components, e.

OPV Valve, used to regulate brew pressure Autofill, solenoid valve, 2 position mechanikz operated valve, routes water to boiler or group, depending on need The picture above identifies the major components of the machine, once the case is removed accessibility for maintenance is good. The case is a good fit, but does require care during removal and refitting.

Access to some components is quickly achieved from the top via removal of 4 screws. More involved maintenance requires case removal, which is moderately time consuming. One or two areas need a little care and may pose difficulties for the inexperienced; a couple of awkward hex head bolts at the top of the case and angled drivers mechaniia required Vacuum Breaker mounted on an extension tube, something I have said should be done for some time.

This should give a lot less leakage problems, than those mounted directly on the boiler, as less splash on seals Nice quality copper boiler with good brazing High quality internal components Good routing of internal cables and pipes, avoiding hot spots and areas of vibration scuffing. All components quite accessible.

This makes servicing easy Very accessible pressurestat that is not too sensitive to adjust. This makes pressure adjustment extremely easy and can be adjusted without removing the entire case, just the water tank carrier needs to be removed 4 screws I would have liked to see a hole added in the top plate, above the pressurestat, to enable cem without having to em the water tank carrier.

For a change a machine with a badge that actually is in keeping with it s value. It is even riveted in place, which means it won t fall off.

Readers of past reviews will know that I am not a fan of cheap badges, especially when stuck on, or even worse, not level. Nice quality cold water tank, accessed by removing the cup warmer tray.

It holds 3 litres and simply slides in and out of the Mechanika for easy cleaning. Refilling can be done with the tank in or out of the machine. Nice large mechankia warming tray. You can get plenty of cups on there, definitely no lack of space.

You will want to slide it around to refill it mechabika it is under cupboards. I strongly recommend the use mecahnika felt bottomed or Teflon faced castor cups for a few pounds, to make mechaniak easy to move and protect your worktop. The drip tray is of average size and holds around ml before it needs emptying it can hold more but you will spill liquid whilst trying to empty it.

It is all steel and nice quality. The Mechanika is a powerful steamer, with nice ball joint steam and water wands. To microfoam smaller quantities of milk, to the texture I like aprox ml I would also buy a single hole steam tip with this machine for foaming small quantities of milk easily but more slowly.

The thread is a standard size, but to stop leaks around the thread, some PTFE tape is required when using the Expobar single hole steam tip.

Professional quality no compression steam valve and ball joint no burn steam wand, with attractive large tactile knobs. The steam wand was long enough to reach to the bottom of all my small and medium pitchers. Opening the valve typically pushes the sprung seal open, closing simply allows the spring to close the valve, there is no compression of a washer as in some taps.

Commonly mmechanika in the commercial environment, because the seals connot be damaged by hamfisted operators closing them too tightly. The 5 hole steam tip took a little mwchanika, but actually worked very well indeed and I couldeven steam small voumes of milk for a single 4oz latte. This was a big surprise to me as I did not expect it to work very well! The review machine had 2 portafilter holders good quality with single and double baskets, the usual plastic tamper mefhanikameasuring scoop and blind iiii for backflushing.


The portafilters have the chrome button in the end that finishes them off nicely, rather than just leaving a hole.

The machine switches off the heating element when low on water, the boiler then goes cold and the pump will not run. However, there is NO low water alarm and the only visible indication that the machine is off apart from the slowly decending boiler pressure gauge, is the orange water OK lamp usually on all the time switches off.

Also the green power light stays on,so it is not apparent from a distance, or from a casual glance that the machine has switched off the heating element. I really think that in a machine of this value, an audible alarm should be added. It can be very irritating to go to make a coffee only to find that the machine switched off the heating element an hour ago and then have to wait 20 minutes or more for it to warm up.

The De-Aereator fitted to a machine!. This device simply bleeds air from the outlet side of the pump, this prevents air in the system causing the OPV valve to screech and makes for easier priming when hot. I believe the reason for OPVs screeching, is air in the brew line, this is often caused by scale the reasons for this are beyond the scope of this review.

However, the fitting of a de-aerator can only be helpful should air enter the brew line for whatever reason. The feet don t look very nice to me and one of them was crooked, due to the stud being moulded into the plastic at a slight angle. This is a minor quality control issue, but not expected on a maachine of this price. I didn t like the washer being so small. It needs to be larger to cover both sides of the slot in the case.

I think there could be a risk of the case detaching from the frame at the bottom during careless lifting and mechankka advise ECM to deal with this ASAP Boiler pressure guage was slightly crooked, which may seem a little petty, but iki a machine mechamika this mecganika I would want it to be straight. It s a small job to remove the case and straighten it I suppose, but I shouldn t have to do that. The low water cold water reservoir microswitch switch wire, had been trapped under the sharp edge of the water carrier.

When the top plate had been tightened down, it compressed and actually cut through the insulation. This was enough to earth the circuit and prevent low water detection from operating. Again easy enough to fix it took me 5 minutesiiu I shouldn t have to and it s another minor quality control issue.

The rating plate, placed on frame of the machine behind the drip tray. The Mechanika runs quite hot, which is usual with Heat Exchanger HX machines, because of the tight compromise between continuously available steam, and production of brew water for espresso.

The pressure in the boiler is directly related to the temperature, a higher pressure gives higher temperatures. Because of the way HX iki work most require a cooling flush prior to drawing the first in a series of espressos, the Mechanika in common with other machines of this type also requires this cooling flush.

Espresso As long as a cooling flush is performed, the Mechanika makes consistently good espressos and easily maintains the temperature during the pour. Domestic volumes of espresso one after another will be absolutely no problem with this machine.

The brew pressure at the group when tested was mevhanika to This could easily be adjusted lower 9. Exm Water It s nice to have really hot water on tap, recovery time after drawing hot water for an Americano is very fast. Although I always say for regular hot water production a kettle is a better option in areas where lime scale is a problem and saves having to descale your machine so often. Brew pressure can easily be adjusted as the Mechanika has good quality OPV The E61 group The E61 group is an jii standard as are many of the components in the machineso mechnaika such as, pumps, gaskets, shower screens, filter holders, filter holder handles etc.

This also means that the pricing of these spares is highly competitive. Steam Production The Mechanika has powerful steam performance and you will not run out of steam.

To steam that ml of milk will not take long! In fact, it takes a little while to get used to steaming, especially with smaller quantities of milk. I did not think the 5 hole steam tip would work very well, but it worked superbly, a pleasant surprise.