An exercise on the epsfig package Before you run latex on the new file, make sure that the. A figure in a separate PostScript file can be included in a LaTeX document using the epsfig package. Most mathematical/scientific graphics software allows you. The epsfig package was updated to LATEX 2ε as a stop-gap measure while the LATEX3 team ad- dressed the general problem of inserting graphics in. LATEX.

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Then save the modified file as epsfig-test. The second code snippet looks well. If you have done all the in-class activities suggested above, and there is still time left, here are some other activities you can do.

An exercise on the epsfig package Copy the following text into a text editor, and choose one of the the PostScript files that you worked with last time to replace the filename in the various graphics commands.

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Preferably the images should be enclosed as PostScript files — best as EPS data using the epsfig package. David Carlisle k 38 I now have two questions for you: Hi Pavel, welcome to the board!

Insert a figure in LaTeX

To conserve disk space, you should remove the final PostScript file, and you may want to remove the other files produced by LaTeX as well, saving only the source file. Please hand in the typeset version of your document at the beginning of our next class meeting. Make sure that the file golfer. Can you tell whether the width was adjusted before or after the rotation? I have even lafex comments on this very latrx that it is better to use graphicx.


Before you run latex on the new file, make sure layex the PostScript files that you want to use have been moved to the same directory. I think that they didn’t update the manual; requiring DVI output in seems quite bizarre.

When you have things working to your satisfaction, write up a LaTeX document that latrx the effects that you can get with epsfig. Hi Veeral, welcome to the board! In one of them, you say that “the epsfig latex package has been obsolete for 20 years” which feels pretty ancient.

Sign up using Email and Password. Check if you used the draft option for graphicx or for your document class. I usually use the pdfLaTeX compiler for my writing as it most directly gives me what I want. Homework for patex class Of late, you may start on the homework during class if you have time. But got no result in any format. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

For me I feel its something to do with my software TeXnic Center, as I had other sample LaTex files and for them also it in not compiling the figures in the file.

We used the LaTeX graphics package epsfwhich lateex designed to work with the dvips driver. Hi attaching the log file. My question is simply “are they serious about this?

There is no reason at all to use epsfigunless processing documents from the ‘s if the publisher really insists on it, it probably doesn’t do any harm, it’s just a silly restriction. Is it really necessary to use the ancient epsfig package? Who is online Users browsing this forum: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. No, they aren’t serious. Perhaps post your logfile as attachment here, we could try to find the cause by reading it.


The logfile was produced by pdflatex, that cannot work only if you convert graphruin. View your file by using dvips epsfig-test -o epsfig-test.

LaTeX Lesson 7 –Graphics in LaTeX

Using epsfig in lncs guidelines Ask Question. Thanks for clearing that up. Hope to get some useful tips. I’ve recently read answers by you in which epsfug vehemently tell people “do not load epsfig ” I didn’t actually epsfih about the package until I saw you say this. I suggest that you keep the dimensions of the figures modest to avoid creating a huge PostScript file. Here is an example. There are many other errors.

Including Figures in a LaTeX document

Sign up using Facebook. I think its the change you suggested seems to be working. And I think this is the one right now with which we are working. What code do you write to include the figure? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You should have at least three included figures. Shouldn’t this recommendation be in the manual altex well?