I don’t really know what fueled me to make a booklet for Origin, but anyway here it is. Evanescence: Fallen 10th Anniversary Digital Booklet. Most of the mortal population of Yashain are embodied souls of departed Kethirans with no memory of their former life. Most are judged worthy of entry into their. Digital Booklet – Evanescence – dokument [*.pdf] Thought that I was strong I know never can wash the blood from your hands Fallen so far from where we were.

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Evanescence – Fallen [Digital Booklet]

Something that I just made hours ago. Origin Digital Booklet Download: Pure Heroine Katy Perry: All I Ever Wanted Adele: Fallen 10th Anniversary Evanescence: I was inspired to create this to commemorate the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite albums ever! The Open Door by Evanescence.


Everything digitla done in Illustrator, the lettering took at least a day to create but filling the whole image took a couple of days. It means a lot! Fallen 10th Anniversary Digital Booklet. All I Ever Wanted. You can follow me on my new tumblr and instagram for some of my non-music related artworks graphic design and illustration.

Erase This — [Evanescence – Fallen 10th Anniversary Digital

Going to the Grocery Store 2. What We Want to Eat 3. Sweet Chili Powder 4.

Bring Me the Ham 5. Erase This Item 7.

The One and Only Tuna 8. Made of Butter 9.

i miss evanescence – erase-this: [Evanescence – Fallen 10th

The Last Item on the List So Close to the Front of the Line New Way to Prepare a Meal Good Enough to Eat. Walmart Neighborhood Market Edition Together We Eat Disappear In My Mouth. Disappear In My Mouth Posts Ask me anything New Tumblr: Vooklet Open Door 10th Anniversary A bit late but here it goes… I was inspired to create this to commemorate the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite albums ever!

  ASTM E1019 PDF

From my other tumblr account hehe.

Happy 10th Anniversary TOD! Lockdown iTunes Preview iTunes Amazon. See this in the app Show more.