genus and species name, Frateuria aurantia, for strains IF0 ,,, and to Strain IF0 was found to be a strain of. Gluconobacter. Frateuria aurantia DSM (Project ID: ). Product: High Quality Draft. Proposal Name: GEBA Proposal (Proposal ID: ). Project PI: Jonathan Eisen. Potassium-mobilizing bacterial strain Frateuria aurantia was examined for Bacterial strain F. aurantia was able to enhance potassium uptake efficiently in.

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The error rate of the final genome sequence is less than 1 inAn algorithm for suffix stripping. The majority of the protein-coding genes GenBank Date of Release.

K Sol B from Frateuria aurantia :: Agri Life

TAS [ 18 ]. Phrap and Phred for Windows. Nat Methods ; 7: Inorganic ion transport and metabolism. Genome sequencing and annotation Genome project history This organism was selected for sequencing on the basis of its phylogenetic position [ 28 ], auranria is part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Auurantia and Archaea project [ 29 ]. An empirical test of the midpoint rooting method. Proposal for the domains Archaea and Bacteria.


Energy production and conversion. Multiple sequence alignment using partial order graphs. Isolation and phylogenetic characterization of acidophilic microorganisms indigenous to acidic drainage waters at an abandoned Norwegian copper mine. The 3,bp long chromosome with its 3, protein-coding and 88 RNA genes is a part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project.

TAS [ 25 ]. Open in a separate window. The branches are scaled in terms of the expected number of substitutions per site. J Gen Appl Microbiol ; TAs [ 19 ].

Frateuria aurantia

Chromatin structure and dynamics. J Mol Biol ; Table 3 Genome Statistics. Lineages with type strain genome sequencing projects registered in GOLD [ 14 ] are labeled with one asterisk, those also listed as ‘Complete and Published’ with two asterisks.

Cultures grow frateueia dark, glistening, flat colonies with a soluble brown pigment [ 1 ]. Ffrateuria information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Newbler parameters are -consed -a 50 -l -g -m -ml Carbohydrate transport and metabolism.

K-Mobil (Potash Mobilizing bacteria): Frateuria aurantia

Please review our privacy policy. Genes with transmembrane helices. Environ Microbiol ; 3: A rapid bootstrap algorithm for the RAxML fraeturia servers.


DNA was isolated from 0.

Symbion-K, Bio-Fertilizer, Potash Solubilizing, Bacteria Frateuria aurantia.

This organism was selected for sequencing on the basis of its phylogenetic position [ 28 ], and is part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project [ 29 ]. All general aspects of library construction and sequencing can be found at the JGI website [ 33 ]. Non-traceable Author Statement i.

Nat Biotechnol ; Acknowledgements We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Markus Kopitz for growing F. Evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [ 26 ]. Illumina GAii sequencing data 2, Towards a natural system of organisms. Stand Genomic Sci ; 1: