Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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Who knew you could still score pristine stuff like this? Gaining levels results in the occasional extra hit hamelords e. May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. These enemies are fierce and ruthless, and the House of Dha is still small and untested.

Kent June 30, at 7: The travellers reached the Abbey without incident, and Liodga was inducted into the priesthood.

At last, Thieves’ Guild has gone to sea! Reviewed in Different Worlds You are not super-powerful, but you are still an adventurer doing adventurous things actually, it gives adventures a gzmelords in society – you are all thieves, a real profession.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Poor Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. A foreign nobleman, Drak, has been treacherously arrested – and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor in the backwater silver mines of Ashwood. Unbelieving, several of theolder priests objected, but Liodga would hear no words against his. Of note are the metal miniatures, which use interchangable plastic bases.


Tadashi Ehara owns the rights to the Gamelords lines, and has several Thieves Guild titles available http: Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted. It’s all inside — plus additional rules on pickpocketing gamelrods lockpicking, a brief treatise on drunkenness, over 20 maps, and gorgeous fantasy artwork!!

Anything else you find is yours to keep — unless, of course, Tsitsiconus or one of his faithful servants objects! The box set is massivegaemlords 4 inches deep.

Thieves’ Guild also contains introductory scenarios to start you on your life of crime, from highwaymen preying on the traveling traders and merchants, to daring burglars seeking the treasures of wealthy city dwellers!

And you are the ones who must go into the orc camp in disguise, of courseand make sure he doesn’t lead the tribes any further. Both adventures in Thieves’ Guild 10 are designed for a party of intermediate to upper-level thief characters; the Bandit Gang scenario may also include fighters and other character types.

Don yer bandanna and tie on the old eyepatch.

Different Worlds Publications – Gamelords – Thieves Guild

Strong too was her priesthood, for her priests were great and learned men. You are mixing it up with some other product. And so finally word spread through the land that Tbieves Lindenstaff, master of the martial monks, had quarreled openly with Liodga and named him blasphemer.


Geshyan, a wise and respected patriach of the thiefes, spoke out vehemently against the election of Liodga, but the chapter upheld the decision as it had been accomplished in the ancient way. Now, in Thieves’ Guild 2the tradition is continued – with additional rules and guidelines, and new adventures.

We skipped 2e and went to Thieves Guild instead, thiieves on the hunt for the promised fighter and thievea rules which would have given a full RPG experience. I always tried to grab their stuff whenever I spotted it – usually cheaply, as most gamestore owners didn’t seem to really understand what it was, and would drop it into the “dollar box” with all the cheap traveller knock-offs and weird furry animal rpgs.

Miniatures come with special plastic bases for added stability. But there’s only 36 hours to complete your task!

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

So it was that Aript took Liodga away into the night like a theif. All in one of the best issues of Thieves’ Guild to hit the stands yet The boy was fair of countenance, yet also he was dark of coloring, in hair, skin and eyes.

Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game yhieves by Gamelords in Rick June 30, at