The Foundling (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What happens when a many-titled Duke decides. So when Gilly hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be For over fifty years, Georgette Heyer was the undisputed queen of historical. Guest review by Claire of The Captive Reader Originally published in , The Foundling was one of the very few Heyer Regency novels I.

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What fun this was!

Book review: ‘The Foundling’ by Georgette Heyer | write meg!

The reader catches glimpses of it, but not many. His loyalty to and love for his cousin the Duke was very touching.

I really liked your insights on this one. The first of these consisted of a tureen of turtle, removed with fish, which was in its turn removed with a haunch of venison.

Gilly rises to the occasion, declaring that he will find the Mr. Learn how your comment data is processed. But the part I always liked the best were the scenes like the backwards race, and all the crazy things Gilly went through in keeping his charges out of trouble.

He also has his own problems to worry about, including his fight with Lord Lionel and his impending marriage with Lady Harriet. Typical of her stories with young male protagonists, there is perhaps an over-zealous use of Regency slang.


Yes I agree about Harriet — another favourite scene is where she come to get Gilly out of jail! Some of the books might make interesting rom-coms do they still doundling make romantic comedies? I heye think the romance in this book seemed like something of an afterthought, put in at the end only because Heyer’s readers are used to seeing a pat happy ending.

Yes, as other reviewers point out, this is more of a coming-of-age saga than a typical Heyer romance; the Duke of Sale, Gilly to his family, friends and extensive, motherly retinue of trusted family retainers, sets out to find out if he is “a man, or just a duke.

The very first Georgette Heyer I have read at the coaxing recommendation of my wife who I believe is in some secret underground Georgette Heyer fan club.

The only issue Georgtete had foundlin that the love between Gilly and the woman he ends up marrying seems to come out of nowhere. It’s a long story and we meet some queer and many characters along the way. And I’m pretty sure it’s the only Heyer of its kind. If you’re looking for a romance, you might be disappointed.

Because of this, everyone bosses him around. Well, which one is that? Thank you for the review. I love both Gilly and Harriett.

Or, I do, at least ; There was something particularly endearing to me about the plot of a sweet young man setting out to discover whether he was really a man, or only a Duke. Gilly really is the reason this book enchants. While doing so he rescues a fair but dimwitted maiden, takes foundlin the char Gilly was born an incredibly rich duke.


Jun 10, Teresa rated it it was amazing. I was so proud of Gilly. This one was, as I expected, just delightful. He is an appealing character, and it is always fun to see the worm turn! Such a wonderful and heart-warming tale!

Book review: ‘The Foundling’ by Georgette Heyer

The idea of male POV in descriptions in this geogette sounds very appealing. Lord Lionel and georbette team of servants baby the Duke and treat him like a child, when in reality he is almost twenty-five years old. Ah yes, In The Foundling, I found the very makings of a fantastic first rate hero, happy to step to the side, as his founlding kind and well natured second man, stepped forward to tell his own story.

I think the reason this book isn’t a romance is what curses it with the low ranking, but if you’re looking for a funny book pick this one up! The Foundling tells the story of the Duke of Ware, a shy, retiring boy of twenty-four who has been cosseted and coddled until he could scream. I loved most of it.