A Magician Among the Spirits by Harry Houdini Effect The Original Manuscript, from the Christopher Collection – In , Houdini’s prized effort, A Magician. Cambridge Core – History of Ideas and Intellectual History – A Magician among the Spirits – by Harry Houdini. A MAGICIAN. AMONG THE SPIRITS. BY. HOUDINI. Illustrated. Publishers. HARPER & BROTHERS. New York and London. MCMXXIV.

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Harry Houdini and his exposure of the fraud spiritualist, spirit photography, spirit slate writing, ectoplasm, clairvoyance, and other quackery and cons perpetrated on the gullible, by the likes of the Boston Hoydini Margery, the Davenport Brothers, Annie Eva Fay, the Fox Sisters, Daniel Spiriits Home, Eusapia Pallandino, and other con artists of their ilk. It is an insight to the most awful parts of human nature Houdini opened his mind to Spiritualism in hopes of communicating with his deceased mother, but with his background in magic, knew that nothing that was being offered by the mediums was anything more than parlor tricks.

Mar 23, Theobald Mary rated it it was amazing. Have a question about this product?

We’re proud to let you read our mail. I always spiruts feel sorry for Houdini, at least partly because of his genuine love for and guilt toward his mother. It is, of course, shot through with fakes, then and now.

He also includes interesting diagrams where he lays out the “okay, this is how the medium did that” behind such things as spirit knockings, rappings, slate writings, etc that were commonplace in magiciian of the time. One pretty funny example he gives is a reprint of an article someone wrote about one of his performances, claiming that Houdini couldn’t possibly be human to pull off the feats he did.

A great magician and a man in search of a life hereafter, takes on the phonies as his search continues to see if their really is something on the other side.

Edward Higgins magiciaj it really liked it Sep 25, Apr 07, Rachel Jones rated it liked it. Interesting read for anyone interested in history of “Spiritualism”.


A Magician Among the Spirits by Harry Houdini

In the end, Houdini chalks the whole thing up to largely being a case of what he calls mal-observation. Go read it, and find out for yourself.

Mar 09, Blake rated it really liked it. And many things that can’t be done. If the day came that their popularity was apirits signs of waning, these mediums would often quietly announce their retirement before the truth behind their act was sniffed out.

As a taste of things to come, he ends his introduction with the words: Amonh essence, it’s not that people are kidding themselves necessarily, or willfully in denial. Feb 01, Aaron rated it it was amazing.

One group of people Houdini alienated by these attacks on the spiritualists was other professional magicians, who had always felt that Houdini housini something of an arrogant braggart–and who resented professional secrets being aired hudini publicly. Recently I came across a copy of A Magician Among The Spirits, written by Houdini himself in which he not only gives his own version of what went down between him and Doyle but also how Houdini came to be such a force in bringing down the Spiritualism movement as a whole.

It might be an interesting companion volume to this book to add Houdini’s wife’s and brother’s accounts of attempts to communicate with him posthumously. These are the days before EVP, spirit voice box technology, all that stuff that thf commonly see paranormal investigators use now.

A Magician Among The Spirits

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Tales of psychics from the last maglcian to early 20th century. Be the first to ask a question about A Magician Among the Spirits. And I note that he never did quite lose hope that it was possible to communicate with the dead.

Houdini A Magician Among the Spiri

Houdini also notes that it was also highly suspect how these mediums often lived the lives of celebrities, winning themselves the patronage of members of society’s elite. Covered in black cloth and housed in a matching slipcase. This book took me a long time to read, but not because I didn’t love it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In reality, anything that can be done can be faked. I find it odd that Houdini’s skepticism of the cult of spiritualism did not extend to his other equally ridiculous beliefs.


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Poor man, he was totally duped; he also believed faked photographs of fairies were real. Sep 18, Angie Fehl rated it really mzgician it. If ever there was a doubt in my mind that Spiritualism might be real- this book dispersed it.

As a form of therapy, in other words. Read our privacy policy. He was highly sceptical of the many claims made concerning psychic and paranormal phenomena, which were very popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Amber rated it it was amazing Oct 05, The Other Brothers Houdini points out that the popularity of Spiritualism cannot be dismissed as just something uneducated suckers fell into.

This book, first published inis a review of the investigations of escape artist Harry Houdini into the different strands of spiritualism current in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Houdini was nothing if not unrelenting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Selected pages Title Page. It is dated, of course, but the second half of the book did tell how Spiritualist cheated their followers.

Houdini also points to his friend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, clearly a man of great intellect but swayed by the deaths of a son, brother and brother-in-law during WW1, making him desperate for contact. While I didn’t always fully agree with Houdini’s personal thoughts on the topic, this was one highly fascinating read.

An excellent review of the trick and deceptions attendant on Spiritualism. Unfortunately, he also had a tendency toward bullying, which is a too-common trait of activist skeptics.