VINTAGE BRAUN PAXIMAT DE-LUXE N24 SLIDE PROJECTOR+WITH CARRY Original manual manual fordia projector Braun Paximat E-S-AF. BRAUN NÜRNBERG Bedienungsanleitung PAXIMAT S/N12/N24 electric User Diaprojektor Braun Paximat SC Super-Paxon /85 MC made in Germany .. Braun Nurnberg Paximat S Electric 35mm Slide Projector w/ Manual In Box. Bell & Howell Super-Quiet Cube Projector Models / Instruction Manual Braun Paximat N12/N24 Electric with low voltage lamp Instruction Manual.

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Original lamp modules, bulb only, Ruby Lamp etc. Where is the difference? Which one is recommendable for me?

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Lamp Replacement What to do before you actually change the lamp To avoid heavy skin burning wait at least 45 min.

Projector lamp replacement, exchange

To avoid electric shocks unplugg the projector and remove the braum cord. To maintain high image quality do not touch the empty lamp socket.


Remove the old lamp slowly. If you do it instructionns, you run the risk of breaking the lamp and the lamp can break and bits of broken glass can drop into and damage the projector. After taking the bulb out of the projector do not place it near burnable materials or where they could come in contact with water. It should not be available for kids.

Braun Instruction Manuals

Touching optical components inside of the projector could lead to defects in colour and perspective distortion. Lamp Replacement Turn the projector off and unplug the network cable. Loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover. Also, insrtuctions the screw which holds the bulb in the projector. If you don’t loosen the screw completely, there is a certain risk of injury.

If possible, use a screwdriver with a magnetic blade. Pxximat the bulb with the help of the holder if there should be any. Otherwise just extract the lamp carefully. If you bought only a bulb without modul, check how the old bulb is wired, then remove the old bulb from the receptacle. Take care that the wiring is the same when replacing it with a new one.


Put in the new bulb with its module and fix on the screws again. Make sure that you also fix on the cover of the lamp instructjons with the screws and never turn on your projector with an open cover.

Reset the lamp time.

supeg Take a look at the information concerning lamp replacement in the operating instructions of your projector. If you lost your operating instructions, you can download it in our projector database. For a long bulb life please you should read our lamps care and cleaning – tips. There are more lamps in stock than shown on this website.