Commonly referred to as Luangpor Thong, Luangpor Thong Abhakaro is a Buddhist monk and teacher of Mahasati Meditation —a meditation method developed by his teacher, Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Luangpor Teean, the Noble One. Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (birth name Phan Intapew) (), was born on 5th September , at Buhom village. Also the Thai monk Luang Por Teean taught a (more conservative) form of active meditation which in Luang Por Teean’s translated books is.

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Parents teach us that if there is somebody cursing us or saying bad things to us, we should be patient and not get angry. As for the monks, they had all ordained several years, at least two years, some five years, twelve years or even fifteen years and there was also a senior monk with a title. If we develop sati, then when thought arises we become aware of it, luzngpor it stops.

Mahasati Meditation – Brief Biography of Luangpor Teean Jittasubho

His health deteriorated quickly now and everybody was concerned, even though people knew that his luang;or was beyond being affected by the condition of his body. Sila “moral conduct” will occur within our own mind.

I had to cut out almost the whole of Luangpor Teean’s stomach in order to remove the malignant tumor that had developed there, so I subsequently advised him that he should eat food in small quantities but at frequent intervals.

When we see thought all the time, no matter what it thinks, we conquer it every time. The head -monk of Chiang Kahn teaen was the preceptor. During a year and six months in the monastery, he studied Laotian scripts and ancient local scripts. When roop-nahm acts we know it. If we were to look back to the source of thought, then we would know the truth this story is pointing to.


This conscious body is the world. It may be that you’ve heard it; it may be that you haven’t.

Dhamma Teachings of Luangpor Teean

The more it thinks the more we know. When we train sati — samadhi — panna to be very, very quick, it will be world champion, it will conquer the world.

Anyone that has any questions, feel free to ask. After returning to lay life, he was married at twenty-two and had three sons.

Luang Por Teean and His Dynamic Meditation

When we liangpor money we are sad and the mind thinks angry thoughts. We only see outside ourself: I am not sure about this. When we are confident in every step of practice, it is not so difficult. The second group comprises those whose knowledge is a matter only luanpor familiarity and memorizing, so when they speak they will talk at great length and in a way that is evasive and extravagant, or else they will cite the texts a great deal in order to induce others to believe them: He repeated it a few times so that it struck his wife’s mind.

Luangpor said that all kinds of gladness are dukkha. So Luang por established a kind of retreat-center. He said he felt so heavy, he could hardly move, but he managed to repress the mood and not show it to his wife and just said with a forced smile ‘That’s your business’.

The essence of Buddhism exists in everybody. We know the subtle kilesa when we know the source of thought whenever it arises. Because we know the end of dukkha suffering.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To be attached to making merit by giving material things in a superstitious way is one form of delusion: This is the inviolable law of nature, just like the rope that, stretched between two posts, cannot be luanngpor once it has been cut. He did nothing but hammer nails into things! Niam, Teean, and Triam. Both teachers were invited to teach in luanypor same Buddhist center at the same time.


After the Buddha passed away, Ananda studied to really know himself, and therefore succeeded in attaining full Awakening. Achan Pan was silent for a long time. Later, he had realized that he could not overcome anger after many years of doing good deeds, making merit, observing the rules of moral conduct and practising meditation. On the 9th, Luang por traveled to Loei province, with him, many monks and lay-people.

Luang Por Teean believed striving for deep states of concentration was ultimately a dead-end. This is called panna getting luangpro of the subtle kilesa. Luangpor Teean explained that for a disease of the body, one needs medical care from a doctor or a hospital.

Their counterparts, the outer six objects, are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and perceiving mental objects. Any time that thought arises we know it, even while sleeping.

Dhamma Teachings of Luangpor Teean | Buddhaleela Mahasati

In doing luamgpor meditation you must sit still, close your eyes, and watch your inhalations and exhalations. The gross defilements are greed, hatred, delusion, defilement, craving, clinging and Kamma.

Ghosts arise in people while they speak, think or do evil. Being a merchant, he sailed his steamboat along the Maekhong River between Chiengkhan-Nongkai-Vientiane, or even as far as Luangprabang.

Now I would like to talk about another kind of calmness.

Whether we are students, teachers, parents, sons, daughters, policemen, soldiers or government officials, all etean us can fulfill our responsibilities while practicing developing sati. He answered as follows: Or it is like boxers.